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Cashier Training & Certification Program
Cashier training should be more than just one cashier showing another how to operate the cash register. It should be certified instruction on all aspects of the cashier position.

We teach cashiers more than just the basics of representing the store they work for. The cashiers we train and test have a proven ability to be better at their job than the multitudes of other people applying for what seems like a "simple" cashier job.

In addition to customer service, our certified cashiers are given the training to help them spot counterfeit bills and coins and to help them identify counterfeit checks. More importantly what to do when counterfeit currency is collected.

Scam artists are good magicians and the cashiers that follow through our full course material will have an understanding of how not to get scammed at the checkout counter.

The certified cashiers completing the course will also understand all types of coupons, groupons and even Foursquare Special Offers.

Browse around this site for details on the training and a sample download of what is offered. When you are ready please visit the certification site at